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Stuffed grape leaves would be one of my last meal foods—along with chocolate ice cream and some sort of alcohol. Okay a lot of alcohol, I would be dying after all.

The Mislehs were in town again for Easter/my birthday (but mostly Easter) and my mom was already making some Lebanese food. I wanted to make my version of stuffed grape leaves, since I use turkey instead of beef and/or lamb. I think they’re better (and better for you). Since there were no leftovers (sadness), I assumed this meant everyone else thought they were pretty damn good as well.

I ended up doubling the recipe for all the turkey that I had (three pounds). I used all of two jars of grape leaves and still had some meat left over. The rolling takes forever but it is SO WORTH IT. I like to make them according to the Sahteen cookbook, (which, as it turns out, is rarely followed by my mother). What good is a cookbook if, after I question a recipe, she says, “Oh…well you don’t actually follow the recipe.”

Thanks for the cookbook?

And the smell of them cooking is divine. Something about cinnamon and lemon juice and allspice and tomato sauce together. I really wish I could bottle it. It makes my mouth water just talking about it. I forgot to take a picture of them out of the pot because I was too busy stuffing my face.

So without further adieu:

You have to put a plate on top as they cook so that they don't unravel.

Recipe from Sahteen:


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