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Hello, and thanks for visiting got your nose to read my VERY FIRST TUTORIAL AND GIVEAWAY (at the bottom of the post)! It’s like going to the circus and losing your virginity all in one night!

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I am going to show you how to make a simple ribbon headband. I first saw these at a craft show before Christmas at  a friend’s booth. She told me how she put them together and I thought “I can totally do that.”

So I did.

When I went to Jo-Ann’s my intention was to pick out cute kid prints for Julia and her little girlfriends (birthday gifts!) but 30 minutes later I was still in the ribbon aisle thinking of what I would like for myself as well.

The first couple of headbands I made worked out pretty well. There was some trial and error in the sizing, but once I figured that out, I could whip up these puppies in about five minutes.

My model.

Materials needed:

  • Grosgrain ribbon (I am sure you could try others, but I think grosgrain would work the best)
  • Velvet ribbon the same size as the grosgrain and in a complementary color. (The velvet keeps the headband from slipping–so smart.)
  • Matching thread
  • Two matching hair ties
  • No-Fray or Elmer’s glue

1) The first thing you should do is whip out your tape measure and measure the head.

2) Take two inches off that measurement and cut both ribbons that length.

So maybe I have a big head. So what?

3) Put the ribbons together backs facing each other.

4) I didn’t pin my ribbon together this time but I did the first couple of times I made these. You might want to too, depending on your comfort with a sewing machine. Sew down the edge of one side of the ribbon starting about 1/2″ from the top.

Like this. I think my machine is older than me. For real.

5) Stop sewing the first edge about 1/2″ from the bottom. Repeat this on the other edge.

6) Loop the two ponytail holders together. Place one inside the 1/2 seam on one side of the sewn ribbons (mine had metal ends so I just tucked those away in between the ribbons).

I pulled the hair ties off to the left so I could sew one side inside the ribbons.

7) Put the other side of the elastic into the other side and sew, completing the loop.

8) Cut off excess ribbon on either ends and use a little No-Fray or Elmer’s glue to stop the edges from fraying (you really only need a little, otherwise the ribbon will be too stiff).

Easy-peasy and so fashionable.


You could win one of these adorable headbands made by yours truly. You pick the size and the design you want. I’ll do the rest.

To enter:

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Or you can do all of the above just because you’re awesome.

I hope to have more (and bigger!) giveaways in the future.

Thanks, and happy headbanding!

P.S. Here are some other ones I have made:

There are SOOO many cute patterns. It's very hard to choose.


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