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Last night I was outside in our garden yelling at the cucumbers for growing outside of their cages and then very gently showing them where to go when I realized I completely forgot to update you on this year’s garden festivities.

I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering when I will tell you what we’ve planted this year. Well, the time has come to sit back and relax.

We were going to cut back on the amount of tomato plants this year, but still ended up with seven. We did cut back on the basil and went from two to three plants. But we added more peppers, I think two giant marconis and three jalapenos, and one other, maybe a bell pepper, I can’t remember. We also added oregano and rosemary.

We switched the sides the tomatoes and cukes were planted to see if that helps with some growing issues we had last summer. Next to the cukes we have your romaine lettuce—eight heads (there were nine but my guess is one of the 30 or so bunnies around our yard needed a midnight snack). And, finally, we threw in some strawberries at the kids’ request.


And now for pictures:

From the tomato side…

From the lettuce side…

My favorite thing about growing cucumbers. I’m fascinated by the way they attach to things.

Hopefully this year we get more produce and can can more. One day maybe we’ll get some chickens and a steer.


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