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As you all know, I am no fan of clutter. The garage is no exception (except don’t look in it, because it actually IS cluttered–and I’m working on it). But since Gabe is getting a bigger bike for his birthday and he gave his old bike to Julia and she has pretty much outgrown the little red tricycle, well, it’s time for the little red Schwinn to go.

I’ll miss you, little red Schwinn, just as the family that sold you to us on Craigslist misses you too I’m sure. I have no idea how old you are. I know I bought you used for $30 in 2007 for Gabe to ride the spring he turned two. You were really too big for him then, and I spent a lot of time bending over him and holding on to your handlebars to push him around. But I think by the end of that summer he was able to just about reach the pedals and ride you himself.

By the time Gabe was three, he was riding you all over the neighborhood. Then at four, he was upgraded to another red bike with training wheels and we passed you along to Julia, who also rode you the summers she was two and three.

And then a few weeks ago Julia decided to make Gabe’s red bike with training wheels her own and you were left to gather dust in the garage. You have been good to us, little red Schwinn. But you’re also taking up too damn much room in the garage, so off you go to my great nephew Tyler, who isn’t quite two and won’t be able to reach the pedals either but hopefully you can serve him well for another couple of years.

So don’t consider this goodbye, little red Schwinn, but rather until we meet again. For now, a look back:

Gabe with his best girl Alejandra

Julia with her best bear, Bear.

* Soooooo…I totally know I have some more pictures of Gabe on the bike when he was little but I cannot find them anywhere! Bummer.


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