We’ve been in our house about four and a half years now and I am SO SICK of looking at pretty much all of our furniture and paint. You all know how I’m always tinkering and redoing and moving and planning. We talk daily about what to put where and what we’re going to buy whenever it is that we get all this money we need to redo and rebuy everything. Probably by the time we actually get around to actually executing a room do-over, we’ll be four plans from now. Anywho, we have been talking about rearranging our family room and painting it grey and buying a new charcoal-colored sectional. I want a bookshelf but not just any particle board Target thing or expensive generic wooden thing but something a little cooler. Then I remembered this from one of the many design shows I watch. And then I showed it to Jay, and he is now looking up pipe fittings on his ipad.

Isn’t this the coolest do-it-yourself bookshelf ever?


What do you think?