Jay gets all the props on this one. The only thing I contributed was reminding him to get it done.

In the guest room, or the green room, or the room that was formerly Julia’s there is this alcove of sorts. We aren’t sure why it’s there but no piece of furniture really fit and it’s always kind of screamed for a built-in desk. So until the desk was built we used our blue card table. It worked for holding the printer and paper and what-not, but it wasn’t the prettiest of sights.

So Jay put in a built-in desk and three shelves. All by his lonesome. It looks fabulous and I can’t wait to use it. Thanks babe!

Unfortunately there aren’t many pictures because I didn’t take them. But hey–it was his project, not mine. All that matters is the end result anyway right?

Beforeish, when we remembered to take pictures.

It looks good with the two OU diplomas. You’ll see on the shelf we still need to get a frame for the Xavier one. Hint, hint, Santa.