You might have noticed that I tend to go in jags with my hobbies. I’ll make jewelry for a while, then cook a lot, then turn to some mural painting, then sewing, etc. Lately I’ve been on a furniture jag. I had to buy and paint that blue armoire for the basement, which took up way too much of my time. I had also been keeping a lookout for some desks to redo for the kids’ rooms. Then I saw some awesome 50s furniture in the window of my new favorite thrift store, Vintage Market and Thrift that I HAD TO HAVE. So I bought almost all of it. I showed some restraint by not purchasing the tall dresser.

I loaded it all into the back of the rental van and drove home with the following items: a dresser with a mirror, a desk, a chair, and a nightstand. I immediately regretted buying the dresser and mirror. The desk and chair I knew I’d use in Julia’s room. The nightstand I’d repaint and use for an end table in the living room. But WTF was I going to do with the dresser and mirror? I listed it that night on Craigslist. Still no takers–anybody want a sweet 50s dresser? It’s actually in great shape. Call me.

The desk was also in really good condition. It had already been painted once with a coat of white paint. The top is some sort of laminate that I couldn’t repaint, which made the project much easier. Essentially, I threw on a fresh coat of paint, spray painted the gold and blue drawer pulls silver, and painted the chair and recovered the seat in a fabulous fuzzy pink material that Julia chose.

This was by far one of my most favorite furniture redos. Okay probably because it was so easy. But also because the fuzzy pink chair is really cute and the whole thing just looks really good in Julia’s room. I can see her sitting at it when she’s older doing homework. Or talking to boys. Or plugging herself into the Matrix.

Well, here’s the desk minus the drawer pulls before I painted it. In my excitement I forgot to take a complete before picture.

This thing was pretty hideous.

I thought the top layer of material was ugly.

Silver pulls. Why not.

After. Okay it doesn’t look too much different…but it’s whiter and cleaner.

Gratuitous kid pic.

It looks really cute right next to her bed.

The fuzzy chair.

And here’s Ted, trying out the fuzzy chair and maybe being a little creepy.

Here are some of her other bears.

And some more.

And some more. Seriously this girl has some issues. I beg of you, please stop giving her bears.

* You’ll notice I said redo one. This is the first one of three. Prepare yourselves.