I haven’t posted anything crafty lately, mostly because I haven’t done anything crafty. But I got a bug in my butt to paint an old armoire to put in the basement for toys and games and what-not. I was going to make it look a little fancier, but after letting the kids “help” paint it and having to fix all their help and sand off a few too many globs of dried paint, I just threw some new hardware and contact paper on it and called it a day.

Found this puppy for $40 on Craigslist. The sellers were moving to Hungary to be missionaries. She reads little Hungarians the Bible, he coaches basketball. True story.

I’m in love with this shade of blue. I must find another use for it.

I think it was more work to get the kids set up to help than it was to actually just paint the damn thing.

Here we are about halfway done. Cole was there to supervise.

Here it is finished.

And here it is with some games and shit crammed into it. It actually is quite nice to have this extra storage in the basement, and Jay’s off the hook to build me more storage options…for now.