The fourth annual trip to Zanesville and the Muskingum River took place a few weeks ago–July 20-22 actually. I know, I’m behind on my blogging. Too many other little things have been keeping me away.

This year we got the correct weekend and there were no last-minute arrangements to make. I guess that makes for a not-very-exciting story when everything goes right, so I don’t have a ton to say.

I did take a lot of pictures though. You may have noticed I’ve changed somewhat recently from my usual detailed telling of the story to sharing the story more with my pictures. You know how I tend to phase in and out of things, and right now I’m more into telling a story with pictures than with words. Plus, I took about 500 pictures in about 48 hours so I might as well use them!

I just had to get them all picked out and edited, and that didn’t happen until this week.

Thanks again, Monique and Allen for a wonderful time, and especially to Allen’s parents who just happen to be the most gracious hosts ever put on the planet. Seriously.

I wish I had gotten a group shot of just the kids and also the parents and kids but it didn’t happen. There’s always next year!

Our first day out. The weather was pretty cloudy and gray but we still got in some good boatin’.

After a little ride on the bandwagon, the kids have some fun jumping into the water.

After our first trip out we came back to the house and the kids did some more swimming.

The next day we went out again. This is Gabe and Alejandra in the lock…waiting for it to fill so we can go out the other side.

The Muskingum flows north it says. But it doesn’t really. It used to or something. The sign is confusing.

The kids have some snacks in the lock. Erika has a mouth full of something good.

The lock closes up, we wait.

On the other side of the lock there is a sand bar where the kids can play and swim and we have lunch.

Playing at the sandbar.

Alejandra and Gabe are building some beaver fortress or something.

After the sandbar, we take a relaxing trip back to the house.

Also in the lock.

Back in the lock. A little out of order but this is taking me forever and I want to go to bed.

I think this is the last day–that’s the womenfolk on the bandwagon.

More jumping. Jay and I also tried to water ski. I almost got up. That’s hard work.

Later on Saturday night we cooked out. We got the adults but didn’t get the kids rounded up to take another group shot.

Jay grilling. And illing.

Back in the lock on the last day.

Looking back on the other side of the lock.

The bridge the lock is under.