Was it just this time last week the kids were playing in the ocean and Jay and I were drinking beer from our new Myrtle Beach cozies with built-in (and already rusting in the ocean air) bottle openers?

Hard as it is for me to believe, it was just a few days ago! The trip was tons of fun and the kids were pretty well behaved (adults too). The weather was good and any heat was knocked out by an ever-present ocean breeze. All in all we couldn’t really ask for more. (Thanks again Alexanders for inviting us! You rock!)

I spent a couple of days before the trip  unsuccessfully trying to gather the right tools for taking pictures at the beach. I probably shouldn’t have done it all last minute. Despite not having exactly what I needed, I think the pictures turned out well. So instead of telling you about the trip, I’ll show you.


I think this was our first morning out. The night we arrived we were greeted with a novice fisherman reeling in a lemon shark right on shore. That didn’t deter anyone from getting in though.

The beach itself. I ran three times, the first time to the second pier was three miles. The second time I ran two. The third time on our last day, I called it with one (to the first pier). The beach is a great backdrop for running, but not so much easy on the old legs–especially on the last day of vacation when the old liver is only about half working.

I took this one on the second day. The kids were really cooperative at this point. The rest of the week they were getting pretty sick of the camera. They’ll thank me some day.

These two were inseparable, laughing and having a ball…except when they were fighting. It alternated about every couple of hours or so.

Julia was rinsing her hands off here after some serious sand playing.

We went to the aquarium on Tuesday morning. It was very cool. The kids got to touch horseshoe crabs. Eva and Clara got to meet a “real mermaid” but we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the encounter. Julia didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

Tuesday night Erin and Pete went on their date, so we tried to fly kites with the kids. It was really windy, I was trying to take pictures, and there were five kites to try to get in the air. It didn’t work really at all, but they had a great time running around and playing freeze tag. I had a lot of fun taking pictures that night.

For the fourth, we dressed up and took the kids to Dirty Don’s. Really. We did. Hey, you got a free t-shirt with a pitcher of margaritas and we all needed matching shirts.

After Dirty Don’s we went back to the beach to watch some fireworks. The kids loved it. I think this was their first fireworks show.

By Thursday Julia was not fond of getting her picture taken.

Every day all the boys would go out boogie boarding. I was impressed with Gabe’s fearlessness. Just a couple years prior he spent most of the time crying about the waves and the saltwater in his eyes. No complaints this time.

Thursday Pete had the kids building volcanoes and various aqueduct systems.

Since my blog audience is small, I’ll share this photo.

Even Julia and I got in on the boogie boarding action.

We each had a date night. We went to a yummy place called Mr. Fish but didn’t get any pictures. Boo.

Miss Eva working on the sand and water systems.

On our last night we went out to eat and walked back to the beach for a family photo session. This was right after dinner. Love this.

Gabe had all kinds of ideas of how to pose for these photos that I couldn’t really talk him out of. “I know mom, how about I kneel and Julia stands behind me?” etc.

It was windy so we all have some crazy hair.

The Alexander clan.