Two weeks ago Jay and I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the third time. We are at the stage in our lives where we can say we have done things multiple times. Like the see-bands-that-only-put-out-albums-every-five-or-six-years-stage. Which I think puts us right on the cusp between  “young-ish hipsters cool enough to have followed a band for most of the band’s life” and “old people trying to hold on to their youth by a thread.”

I’m happy to report that upon conducting a completely unscientific study that night at US Bank Arena, that we fit exactly in between those two demographics. For now.

The show was awesome, as predicted. It was no Foo Fighters, but a damn close second. They ran through songs off of all their albums, which, to someone pushing old-timerville, was awesome.

At the show I started to think about how long exactly I’d been listening to the RHCP, and it’s been a long time, about 20 years or so I figure. The fact that I can say I’ve been doing something for 20 years (other than, say, walking upright and eating solid foods) is pretty crazy/amazing/depressing.

I remember when Theresa Magnus gave me a tape of Bood Sugar Sex Magik the spring of 1991. She gave me that and Nirvana’s Nevermind. I had a canary yellow Walkman that I won in eighth grade at a grocery store contest. I remember mowing the lawn listening to the tape on the Walkman clipped to my shorts. I remember thinking how awesome it was and how if my parents ever heard it they’d kill me. (Luckily they never asked what music I listened to, which is strange considering I used to blare Alice in Chains from my boom box every day after school while I did my homework. You’d think the “Them Bones” rattling the furniture would have piqued their curiosity?)

But anyway…since I was the only one mowing the lawn, I was listening to that cassette over and over and over again until I wore it out and had to get it on CD. I remember wanting to go to Lollapalooza the summer of 1992 to see them (and other awesome bands) play, but I wasn’t allowed. I didn’t get to Lollapalooza till the summer of 1994 (and again in 2003). The bands were still awesome, but it wasn’t THE show of 92.

So Jay and I had to wait to see them for the first time in March of 2000, with–wait for it–the Foo Fighters! How awesome was that?! Very. Then we saw them again on their Stadium Arcadium tour in the winter of 2006. Gabe was eight months old. I remember Stadium Arcadium came out right around when he was born and just being all depressed thinking my life was over and I’d never sit comfortably again, much less go to a concert.

And here we are, another six years later, me sitting comfortably, with those and other concerts seen and some blogged about, lives not over.

I hope Jay and I get to see them and many more bands again and again in the coming years. We’ll be sitting comfortably in seats though, I’m getting too old for that lawn/floor standing nonsense.

I didn’t get to take pictures other than with my phone, which didn’t turn out well, and Jay took video, but turns out I have to pay WordPress to upload it. So check the Facebook site for the video.