We’ve been in our house now almost four years. Every room has finally been painted–and because I can’t leave well enough alone, I guess that means it’s time to begin again.

Gabe’s room was the first one we painted–the day we moved in, in fact. We used the same blue that we had in his room in our first house. Back then, I thought things like that would matter to a two year old. Ha.

Plain blue walls–ignore the messy bed.

I did a construction-truck theme at the time, using a Pottery Barn pattern for the sheets and a few pictures on the wall. I bought an extra pillowcase in the same theme and made a (much less expensive) curtain to match.

But, the kid is almost six (his birthday is Friday, in fact) and the construction trucks had to go. I didn’t really feel like painting the room all over again but I thought it could be easily updated. Originally I thought he wanted Star Wars. Then he changed his mind to fish. I did some digging on Pinterest and found this:

Very cute idea for a baby’s room.

Only these fish were made of felt and stuck on the wall. Though they looked cool in the pictures, I just didn’t think i wanted to go that route. So I decided to paint a school of fish instead. Since they are all just silhouettes, I had a fair amount of confidence that I could pull it off. So the first thing I did was freehand two fish shapes on a Cheerios box,  and then I transferred those to construction paper for some reason. I can’t remember why.

Big fish? Little fish? Both fish.

I couldn’t decide if I liked the smaller or larger fish better so I decided to use both. I cut them out, put a ring of tape on the backs of each, and drew around the outlines 32 times. That was the easy part.

I got a little crazy with the school size.

The painting took forever. But it turned out so well. I’m really proud of myself. And Gabe loves it!

I only ended up using five of these colors.

I think up to this point I had been working for two hours.

These are never to be painted over.

We also did a little bit of artwork to take the place of the truck pictures. He painted two fish and I painted two. I made a new curtain out of fabric that thought looked like shimmering water and added a new, bigger shelf. It was once red, but then I spray painted it brown.

He was very serious about these fish.

I keep flipping the paintings around, I’m not sure which way they should all face.

I tried to find a navy blue striped material but the woman at Jo-Ann’s was not helpful at all.

Now we have a room for a six year old. Though now I’m kind of thinking of painting some more fish around on the other walls…