Dear Twenty-Two-Year-Old Self,

Remember that post I wrote to you a couple weeks ago about that guy Jay that you met at a bar and married? Well, your ten-year anniversary is coming up in a month and it’s making you think. Did you ever think you’d be old enough to have a ten-year anniversary? I know you didn’t. I mean, sure, you knew you’d grow up but you didn’t actually think about it much in depth. I know you were never one of those girls who ripped out pages from bridal magazines and put them in her hope chest. I don’t even remember if marriage was on your radar at twenty two. I think all you really wanted was a relationship that didn’t suck.

When I think about you at that age, it seems like a million years ago. Going to (an occasional) class; making copies of videotapes for the broadcast majors; going to the Ping center; doing some studying; and going to bars–that was the sum total of your life back then. You didn’t even make plans to go out before 10 or 11 at night (unless it was Friday happy hour at Tony’s and that didn’t even count since you’d come back to your house before you went out again “for real”), and now you are in your pajamas by nine.

I know you are probably standing there with your mouth open in disbelief, but it’s true. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. You still go out once or twice a month and you hit a bi-yearly happy hour. But you kind of have to be in your pjs on the couch because it’s generally frowned upon to leave the dog in charge of your children.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I have a point, but I wanted to let you know that in 13 years you’ll be sitting in your pjs on the couch at nine at night next to Jay, who by now you have been dating for only a couple of months. And that is your new routine. Going to occasional classes and making copies of videotapes has been replaced by actual work; Ping has been replaced by a treadmill in your basement; studying is now writing this blog and watching TV; and going to bars is now having some wine on Friday nights and falling asleep before the end of your rented movie.

I’m not making this sound appealing am I? I don’t even know how to translate it so your hungover brain can handle it. Let’s just say you have this same old routine after ten years of marriage but it’s okay because you get to do it all with your best friend. I know that sounds hokey but it’s true. At the end of the day, usually you don’t want to be anywhere else but in your pjs on the couch next to that aforementioned goofy bastard you met in a bar a couple of months ago.

After nearly ten years of marriage and 13 years together, to be able to look forward to something as mundane as that, that’s pretty cool. Sure, life has changed so much  for you by now. It hasn’t been without ups and downs. But I am happy to report to you that there are more ups than downs. Don’t worry–you haven’t forgotten about your carefree college years. In fact, you think about those years daily. You are having the time of your life right now and you’ll never be able to forget that.

See, the thing is, you got to take the best part of those years with you and I think that’s pretty spectacular. So don’t fuck it up.