Yesterday was the first time it happened. I picked Gabe up from school and we were walking down the hallway toward the parking lot when, out of the blue, he asked me accusingly, “How come you never buy me Lego key chains like everyone else has?!”

I’m like, “Whoa, settle down. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” Then he goes on to shittily describe to me what a key chain looks like. “You know, those things you attach your keys to?! Only it’s a Lego guy, with the chain and the ring attached and then you put your keys on it!?” (Who knew I was so stupid?!)

We got in the car and I explained to him that it wasn’t very nice to accuse me of not buying him something that I didn’t even know existed, and I wasn’t not buying him these key chains to make him a social pariah.

Then he went on to tell me how he also wants a little hand sanitizer bottle on a key chain attached to his bag like everyone else. He had done his due diligence and asked Sophia where she got hers, and she said Walmart. So we should forget about picking up his sister and head right to Walmart and get him both things. Right. Now.

When I told him we were not going to go get these things today he started crying.

I think this all took place in about five minutes.

I have to admit in the past month or more, Gabe has been working really hard on his behavior. He’s finally bringing home smiley faces instead of frowns, and we haven’t received emails from the teacher in a couple of months. He even earned his skateboard for perfect Friday folders. So I know that he uses up all his good behavior at school and the very second I pick him up, all hell breaks loose. I guess if I had to choose I’d rather he be good at school than at home.

So told him maybe if he was good the Easter bunny would bring him a Lego key chain. That way, at least, he doesn’t think I’m running right out to get him what he wants.

He stopped his forced crying a minute later and proceeded on to his usual whine about how boring the drive was to the sitter’s. Yeah kid, I thought. Join the club. I have driven this route about two thousand times now.

I then began to think about how this was the first time he’s ever asked me for something simply because everyone else had it. We are here now. We have arrived to this moment. The first moment of what I’m sure will be many where he will “need” something to fit in. I hadn’t thought about this moment arriving at all. Yet here we are.

So I tried to think back to what feels like eons ago to when I was a kid and what I absolutely had to have. I honestly couldn’t remember much. Brightly colored Esprit book bags, Guess jeans (which I never got anyway), and Hypercolor t-shirts were all that came to mind.

I’m positive there is a lot more I’m forgetting! So tell me, what is it that you just HAD to have when you were a kid?