I am always decorating and redecorating our walls, much to Jay’s chagrin. A few months ago, I found this print in a remnants bin at a craft store.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. Since decorating Julia’s room, I have been drawn to the pink and green color combination. She really doesn’t need one more thing in her room though. So then I thought about using it to recover some couch pillows. Jay wasn’t really a fan of the print for the couch. So I put it in a big box of fabric that I have in the basement for future use.

Two weekends ago, when I was spray painting everything in sight, I ran to Michael’s to get more spray paint and because I can’t go through a craft store quickly, I started poking around the frames they had on sale. I found two off-white-ugly-wood-grainy frames for $4.99 apiece. I stood there for a bit, too many things in my hand (since I never grab a cart because I am only going in for *one* thing right?), thinking of what I could do with them. “Well shit,” I thought. “For $5 a pop…and I’m already spray painting this afternoon…and I have white paint at home, why not paint these too?” And then I spent another five minutes or so staring at them and thinking of where they could go and what I could frame.

I knew that material would come in handy soon. My kitchen is green, and I’d been super bored with these weird carved wood pieces I’d had hanging there. I am on a quest to brighten up the house, so these were a good first step. And so easy!

After I took apart and painted the frames, I ironed and cut the material to fit around the frame backing. I used some tacky glue to glue down the material on the back, and let them dry upside down. When they were dry I cleaned the glass of the frames (I always do that–front and back–just because there is so much dust that gets in there during manufacturing and it drives me crazy to see it on a picture/print) and put it all back together.

Then I handed them to Jay and said, “Darling, please hang these when you find time. Or now. Whenever is sooner.”

And then a week later, they were up in our kitchen for us to admire for ages and ages. Or until I decide to move them elsewhere in a year.