I have been putting the final touches on Julia’s butterfly room for oh, about 18 months now. I think by the time it’s finished, she’ll be ready for something else, like Justin Bieber. God help me.

For the final, final touch I’d been wanting to get some art up on the walls. There is a shelf, her name in pink wooden letters, and some painted butterflies. But I wanted to get some kind of butterfly art on canvas for the spot. I had been mulling around just buying a print of a butterfly or some sort of cutesty painting or print but could never find the exact one in the right size and colors. Besides, I thought, everything else in the room has been handmade, why stop there?

I still had some of the material left from her other butterflies from the curtains, quilt, and dresser toppers. I thought about cutting material out from that and just gluing it to a canvas or sewing it on to a canvas or something along those lines. I just never got around to it–until this past weekend. I bought a set of seven canvases at Michael’s for $12. (They were on sale for $20 and I had a 40% off coupon.) Score. I only needed one for her room and four for Gabe’s (because I don’t take my medication, I am going to work on updating his room next).

We had the whole weekend to ourselves with nothing to do, which is completely unusual so I knew it was now or never. First, I painted the entire canvas with the same pink as the butterflies on her walls.

Then, I wanted to use some material in a cut butterfly shape on top. I was kind of tired of using the same materials over and over (it has been 18 months, after all) so instead I decided to use a pink and silver glittery pattern I had bought in a remnant bin at some point. Since I had also been on a spray-painting rampage over the weekend, I also bought some glitter spray to spray over the top of the pink paint (I don’t think you can fully realize how many ways there are to transport glitter until you have a little girl), and then set the butterfly on top, hoping the glitter spray paint would hold the material down. The glitter spray DID hold the material down, for the most part.

Then I had some green material all ironed and ready to be cut for the body, but instead I decided to paint the body in green. I AM NOT AN ARTIST, and I don’t claim to be one, but I don’t think I did such a bad job.

I was trying really hard to not overdo the “piece” but I felt like something was missing. So I painted some little dot do-dads in the corners and edges with a gunmetal color:

After it dried, I took it up to Julia’s room to hang. But then this morning I was looking at it thinking it still needed something. I just thought the butterfly needed to be “finished” somehow and also I wasn’t certain it wouldn’t start to peel off from the glitter spray at some point. So I got out the glitter glue (more glitter!) and traced around the edges. I then went off to work and left it to dry (on top of the china cabinet, where nothing would knock into it, or blow on it, or mess it up in any way).

Not too shabby. I mean, I am self-filing this under No Big Whoop. But I thought it turned out pretty well. AND NOW THE ROOM IS FINALLY DAMN NEAR COMPLETE! Here’s a sneak peak. More pictures to follow when I clean it up! That girl is a mess!