I like to think I play a good variety of music in my classes. At the end of every class, I ask everyone for suggestions. Almost no one volunteers anything, ever. So since they keep coming back, I have to assume my music works.

However, a couple weeks ago I had a new guy in class who sat right up front with his ipod and his headphones in for the entire class. This is a) rude, rude, rude, b) really annoying, and c) distracting. Oh, also it’s really rude.

I tried turning my music up. I tried reiterating what we were supposed to be doing when he was in his own little world listening to his music, not really doing the class at all. Every couple of minutes, he would stop and scroll through, looking for something else to listen to, his ipod lighting up in an otherwise dark room.

I was pretty steamed by the time it was all over. But, rather than say something to the whole class about not bringing your own music (there is, after all, a sign on the door that says “no technology”) I thought I’d be nice and say something to him after class.

It went mostly like this:

Me being nice and courteous.

Him being a total prick, mouthing off to me as though I was his mom telling him to go clean his room.

I mean, WHY would you go to a GROUP EXERCISE class and listen to your own music and do your own thing? There are Spin bikes in the gym that you can use ON YOUR OWN WITH YOUR OWN MUSIC.

I said, “If you want certain music, tell me, I’ll get it.”

Then he’s all, “Well…you’re not going to play Eminem and hard-core rap like that.”

And I said, “You’re right, I can’t play music with explicit lyrics, but I CAN get the cleaned-up versions.”

Then he pouted a while and stomped around and basically all but flipped me off and said, “Well, I’ll remember NOT to listen to my music in YOUR class anymore.”

So I said, “Fine by me.”

And that was the last I saw of him.

With that in mind, I decided to go more top-40s for my most recent playlist, hoping to satisfy the tastes of everyone in my class. These songs are good for any workout. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Mix #2:

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, Coldplay

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), Kelly Clarkson

Not Over You, Gavin DeGraw

Spectrum, Florence + The Machine

Good Feeling, Flo Rida

We Are Young, fun.

The Other Side, Bruno Mars featuring Cee Lo Green

Leave My Body, Florence + The Machine

The Cave, Mumford and Sons

Look Around, Red Hot Chili Peppers

No Light, No Light, Florence + The Machine

Rosyln, Bon Iver