Well, it’s two months into 2012. I remembered (and worked on) some of my resolutions. But I’d already forgotten most of what I said I’d work on this year. I think I’ll check in every couple of months to see how I’m doing.

Here goes:

1) To lose that last last 10 pounds, dammit. (Well, it used to be less before the holidays.) Okay, so this one is going so-so. I have managed to lose about 4-5 pounds, depending on the day. At least the holiday cookies are off at this point.

2) To add weight training to my routine instead of mostly cardio. This one is also going all right. I’ve been slipping it in here and there. I stay longer on Sundays to do some free weights after cardio and I took Urban Iron one night a couple weeks ago. I plan to go again this week, it’s pretty much taken me this long to walk normally again since the last class.

3) To run the Flying Pig relay or if that doesn’t work then at least the 5 or 10k. (Why not the half or full marathon you ask? Because I just never want to run that far.) Okay the relay isn’t happening. I just don’t think I’ll have the time to devote to it and I found out it’s kind of expensive.

4) To not have a raging hangover on Julia’s 4th birthday, like I did for her 2nd and 3rd birthdays (mom of the year, anyone?). Well so far, so good.

5) To work on finishing that book I started in 2010. I mean REALLY make an effort. FAIL. I’ve written ONE page. ONE. In my defense, I am *ahem* using my writing time to do this blog. So…

6) To reach 100 subscribers on my blog (so what are you waiting for already?).  Also, to make the design of the blog look better overall. Holy shit! This was my goal FOR THE YEAR? Thanks to all of you, It’d DONE. I’m up to 107. Woot!! Let’s amend this to 200 by the end of the year (it did take me two years to get over 100, after all).

And as for the design, I did get a new header and fiddle around with it a bit, so…I think I’m on track for a nice, new look by December.

7) To jump out of a plane. Never.

8) Ha ha. Like funny ha ha.

9) To start traveling again and especially for Jay and I to take a trip without the kids for our 10th anniversary in June. We went to Michigan to see my sister and we’re in talks to go somewhere for the big 1-0. That’s something anyway.

10) To buck up and quit teaching that Pilates class. I keep threatening to do it. I should just do it already. DONE! Wow. Two crossed off the list already.

Two out of eight ain’t bad (if you don’t count the plane thing)! Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Comment below and let me know how you’re doing on your resolutions.