Last weekend, the Michigan Mislehs came to town (okay they are Rosts but for the purposes of this blog, they are all Mislehs). And since Mislehs like to see other Mislehs whenever possible, a gathering must occur (Jay likes to say the circus is in town). And because Mislehs like to eat, it must be over a meal. And since we are gluttons for punishment like to entertain, we decided to have dinner at our house. And since we were having dinner at our house, we had to get out this bowl:

Behold! The Misleh Bowl!

And since we had this bowl out, we had to fill it. I lost count but I believe there were about 25 at this particular gathering. I think there are upwards of 35 in the immediate family, though every time I count I forget. Does it really matter? There are a lot (and not even everyone could make it). I’m sure my brother-in-law Mark knows. He’s the keeper of the family genealogy and would just know this type of thing.

Jay was kind enough to make enough peppers and sausage for everyone, and then some. After 12 years with me, he’s learned that not only do you make enough food to feed an army, but you also make enough to have leftovers. And because enough peppers and sausage for 100 isn’t enough, everyone also brings food as well. We had edamame succotash, garlic bread, tossed salad, veggies and hummus, queso, guacamole, birthday cake, ice cream, and about ten bags of tortilla chips. I’m not sure of the reason for all the chips. Maybe there was a sale.

This giant IKEA bowl will hold four pounds of pasta. In case you were about to ask.

And because the Misleh equation is food + alcohol = fun, everyone also always brings booze. We had beer and wine and rum and scotch (because you can’t play poker without the scotch). And because we were cooking and hosting and laughing and eating and entertaining for six hours, maybe I drank too much booze and not enough (any) water whatsoever. Whoops. When will I ever learn?

It is impossible to belong to this family and not know how to play cards. That's a streamer in Tony's face.

And because I was maybe not sober I didn’t take the best of pictures. Or remember to take many pictures at all. But you get the gist. And if you think the Mislehs look like fun, you’re right. Join us sometime–we can probably find something for you to eat and drink–but be warned, jokes will be made at your expense.

P.S. Who has the picture of Ang with the corks in her nose?