I have been in this blogging “world” for two years now. I started it because I was sick of listening to myself bitch about not writing anymore. At first I was afraid; you might even say petrified. I thought, what if everyone thinks I suck? What if I’m a big joke? I can’t remember every grammar rule from nearly 13 years ago (ack!) and I know all my editor friends are going to annihilate me because I’ll split an infinitive or something. What if everyone is like, “OMG Elizabeth has a blog (hate that word, by the way). Does she think she has anything important to say?”

But I did it anyway. Maybe people still do cringe at my lazier grammar and roll their eyes with every new posting. But I don’t hover over the “publish” button for minutes anymore wondering should I or shouldn’t I (much)? I just hit it and check it off my list of things to do that day.

Now after a couple of years it feels good to have this “thing” as my own. I am not sure where it’s going…I have somewhat high hopes that it gets me somewhere someday. Occasionally I get a little bent out of shape wondering why strangers have subscribed but not some of my friends, but…whatever.

Even though it’s nice and all to write and to feel braver with every post, it’s even better when I open up my email to find some strangers have subscribed to my blog. And–I discovered today–nicer still to be reading a friend’s creative, entertaining, and well-written blog and find that she actually reads what I write, and–get this–LIKES it. When Kara over at parttimeeverythingelse.wordpress.com posted today about trying to figure out if she wanted more children and then gave a shout-out to a blogger friend of hers that she likes, I was all, “oh I’ll click on this and see what kind of blog her friend has.” And I clicked on it, and it was ME! All unsolicited and everything.

It totally made my day and made me want to write more. So maybe there is something to this blogging business after all.

In the name of healthy competition, won’t you head on over to parttimeeverythingelse.wordpress.com and follow her too? Because finding out someone new subscribed is like, super cool.