Last week was long and tiring. Gabe was sick, Julia was sick, I was sick. Between staying home with the kids and then staying home because I was sick, I didn’t have time to get much done. The Freckers were coming over for a Friday dinner instead of Saturday and I just didn’t have the energy to cook a ton of food. I had been wanting to make a clam chowder or some kind of seafood soup for a long time. In the winter I always like to make a soup for at least one meal–usually we do a soup and fancy grilled cheese. But the lobster bisque we chose contained heavy cream. We thought that would have been too much, a heavy soup and a cheese-laden sandwich (we make a crazy-good fancy grilled cheese, they ain’t no Kraft-singles-on-white-bread), so we went with a soup and salad (and one less thing to make).

We also do appies while the kids are eating dinner, and for those (and dessert cupcakes) I have Trader Joe’s to thank. Instead of bread on the side, we served the soup in bread bowls.

Although it sounds oh la la (Fancy Nancy will tell you that’s another word for “fancy”), it was super easy. This recipe calls for cooked lobster meat (whereas a lot of similar recipes have you boil the lobsters first). I found this appealing because I like my meat to arrive already dead. To simplify even further, I used a bag of frozen langostinos from TJ’s because they were really easy to thaw and chop and toss in the soup in the last five minutes.

Long story short, it was delicious and tasted like we worked on it all week, instead of just a couple of hours. I recommend you try it soon.

Corn and Lobster Bisque

I wish I had a better photo--but I was kind of in a hurry to eat it.