A couple of weeks ago I posted about trying to be a morning workout person. I was going to try it again last week but couldn’t give up any sleep. This past Sunday I woke up feeling quite crummy. I have some sort of allergy/cold thing going on so I didn’t feel like moving much. I was planning on running last night but Jay’s dad stopped down to drop off some Christmas decorations and really, I was more interested in sitting on the couch than working out.

So I made a decision to try again to get up and run in the morning. I went to bed without showering (one of my motivational tricks) and set the alarm for 6:30. This time, it wasn’t too bad. I fell asleep with out much trouble and I only woke up three times wondering if it was time to get up and get on the treadmill yet. I know I shouldn’t be that anxious about it but I am trying to power through.

I got up at 6:30 and got on the treadmill and watched PanAm (thank God for DVRs). And actually this time wasn’t as bad as a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I was so caught up in the show that when I heard a loud noise coming from the treadmill, I didn’t even realize 35 minutes had passed already. I am not sure what happened. It sounded like something had broken, but it could have been I hit the remote with my hand or stepped too far forward. I immediately got off the treadmill and then started to feel dizzy and like I was going to barf. I called for Jay upstairs to check on the treadmill (I knew I would make it, but what if the treadmill broke?!).

After the machine got the all-clear (still not sure what that noise was) and the urge to puke passed, a strange thing happened. I actually felt GOOD–and I hadn’t even had any coffee yet! I got in the shower, got dressed, then woke the kids up and was able to ignore their grumblings and meet the dreaded getting-ready phase of the morning with very little annoyance on my part. It was a Christmas miracle!

We all ate and got to school and work on time. Of course, I still had my coffee (I’m not superhuman, after all).

As I sit and ponder the morning’s events, I am thinking I might have turned the corner. Could it be? Could I actually do this maybe once or twice a week? Let’s not get crazy here. I am not going to get up every morning to exercise. But I can actually see this happening possibly every week.

The good news is, I have another week to mentally prepare. And tonight, I can maybe even enjoy my evening and not feel so rushed to get everything done after dinner. Crazier things have happened…