I hate mornings. Always have. I remember when I was in high school and my dad retired and was home and awake every morning before I went to school. He IS a morning person. He’d ask me a million questions to which I would just barely grumble a response over my cereal. Finally, my mom told him one morning that I don’t talk in the morning. At all. So, from then on, instead of asking me a million questions, my dad went on for ten minutes about how he wasn’t going to talk to me or ask me any questions because he knows how I don’t like to talk in the morning. Which in many ways was worse.

I can’t say I’ve really outgrown the grumpy not-talking-in-the-morning phase of my life. I get up earlier and get the kids moving because I have to. But I still don’t like to talk any more than is absolutely necessary. And when Jay’s alarm goes off (I haven’ t had one next to me in bed since college), I have a mandatory “lie” period where I am awake but need to lie in bed another 5-10 minutes. Gabe has inherited this from me, which is really annoying when I’m trying to get him out the door for school.

Anyway, so my real point here is that I have been saying for years that I want to try to get my workouts in in the mornings because I typically cram them in somewhere between dinner and the kids’ bedtimes or shortly thereafter, which means I don’t sit down at night till around 9. But on the very few occasions I have worked out in the morning, I was so happy to have gotten it over with.

Since tonight we’ll be busy with Halloween, I decided last night that I was going to get up this morning and workout early. I have to mentally and physically prepare for this monumental feat. Since I almost always workout at night, I also always shower at night. (And, I’ve had this argument before but it always makes more sense to me to wash the day off before bed rather than to sleep in it?) So I make sure to go to bed without showering so that I have to in the morning anyway so I might as well get really good and sweaty. And, much like I do for Gabe, I lay out my running clothes the night before. I am also sure to tell Jay to make me get up when he gets up (as if such a thing was possible).

I tried to get to bed early last night, which didn’t happen. Not only did I not get in bed till 11:30, but I sat up worried about the fact that I’d have to get up and actually MOVE. I didn’t have to get up any earlier than normal really, but the mere fact that I’d have to wake right up and do some kind of physical exertion other than throwing my hair in a ponytail and brushing my teeth kept me up. I dreaded it like people might dread having to get up and go get dental work.

Then I woke up at 6 and, knowing I’d have to get up and move in 30 minutes, I couldn’t get back to sleep. Now some might think, well I’m up, I should just get started. But I still had 30 minutes, and I was going to savor them.

Finally at 6:30, I got up, got dressed, put my running shoes on, and went to the basement on our treadmill. (What’s that you say? All that and I didn’t even have to GO anywhere?) I watched some E! news for 35 minutes, hopped off the treadmill, grabbed some coffee, and got and into the shower. I didn’t really even have to talk to anyone. It truly was much ado about nothing.

I still want to become that morning person that can do this sort of exercise thing first thing. I think this was a good first step. Maybe I’ll try again next week. Or the week after.