Last Christmas, Julia got a stuffed bear from her grandma. Sometime in January, she decided to take it everywhere with her. At first I let her because I thought it was a passing phase. Was I wrong. Suddenly this bear had to come everywhere with us. She already carries around a little blanket so having to keep track of two things was a pain. But telling her she couldn’t take it wasn’t really a battle I felt like fighting either.

So Bear and Mimi come with us everywhere. We aren’t really sure what Bear is, when you ask Julia she says, “He’s a girl.” And he/she likes to dress up in doll clothes. And stuffed bear clothes too, of course.

For a while Bear had to be in the highchair next to us at the dinner table, eating plastic broccoli and maybe a slice of plastic pizza. Then, Bear had to be buckled in in the van before we could go anywhere. Sometimes Bear is pushed in a stroller on our walks or, my favorite, Julia attaches Bear to the back of her tricycle with a bungee cord.

But Bear has never had a proper place to rest his/her weary, beat-up head. So when I found this doll crib at HomeGoods, I had to get it for Julia for Christmas. I haven’t done any sewing in a while and have all this leftover material from her curtain/quilt projects from her bedroom (a year later, it’s just about finished–I think I owe you updates on that). So Bear will get a matching bedspread and pillow for his/her weary, beat-up body.

How perfect is this? Pink with butterflies. Boo-yah.

Taking Bear for a Spin

I thought it appropriate that this bear crib post goes out to Conor, one of my most loyal readers.