I have been a Foo Fighters fan since forever.  Jay and I went to see them with the Red Hot Chili Peppers back in 2000 at the Nutter Center in Dayton but that was 11 (ELEVEN!) years ago! They haven’t played near Cincinnati in that time and in between we just didn’t make it to another city to see them for whatever reason (read: kids).

When they released Wasting Light I said this is it, if they tour anywhere near us we HAVE to go. And sure enough they released a Columbus date. Now, being the dork that I am, I was able to get presale tickets because I’m in the fan club. The day of the presale came and I was determined to get the best seats I could. At 10 a.m. I entered the password and was let in. The first thing that came up was floor seats. We didn’t want to get floor seats though since the concert was during the week and we’d have to go after work and I was afraid we’d be stuck 300 people deep and pissed off we couldn’t see anything. So I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed and refreshed and…x100.

The only options given to me were floor seats or the 200 level. I was calling and emailing Jay, not sure what to do. If I waited any longer the first row seats in the 200 level I could get would be gone. I was near-stroke and pissed that I couldn’t seem to get the 100-level seats no matter what. I wasn’t sure what was up with that so after about 20 minutes I decided to get the section 213, row A seats and try again when  they went on sale to the rest of the public for something better.

So that came and went and I STILL couldn’t get in the 100 block. I have no idea why that was. Yes, I should have called Ticketmaster in retrospect but I didn’t think about it so don’t bring it up.

Last Thursday finally arrived. My niece was at our house at 5 to babysit and Jay got home soon thereafter from work. We left promptly at 5:30.  I was worried about traffic near Columbus but we were door to parking lot in 1.5 hours almost on the dot. As luck would have it, there were two opening acts that we didn’t care to see so that bought us some more time. We found a bar, called a friend from college, and met him and his friend for a few drinks beforehand.

Somehow, they had gotten 100-level seats just by purchasing the day of the regular sale. What was up with that? (I will probably never let this go.)

We went our separate ways around 8:30 and walked up to the balcony. I am not a fan of heights so sitting in the first row of the balcony was a bit scary for me, but luckily we didn’t have to stand. I really felt like I should have stood though, because, after all, we were at a rock-n-roll show. But a) there were people sitting behind us and I didn’t want to suck and b) the plexiglass “railing” was only about hip level when I stood. There was a really drunk guy a few people to my left who was standing and “dancing” by moving his body forward over the railing and back over the seats. I couldn’t even look at him, he was making me a nervous wreck.

I did get a great view of the floor though–smartly divided into two sections so the people on the aisle could watch Dave move back and forth between two stages so even the people at the back of the floor could be in the front row when he was on the second stage. Way to rub it in my face.

And as for the concert itself, well I said it before and I’ll say it again, it was badass. I mean BAD. ASS. They played for two and a half hours with SIX encores. I could write 16 blog posts on the actual music, the musicians, how I feel about music in general, and all that stuff but I’ve already blown my word count on logistics.

But here’s a review.

The concert was like my Disneyland trip. I don’t really even know how to explain it. When I hear great music it makes me feel both depressed that I didn’t do something awesome with my life and hopeful as though I still could. Maybe I’m too old to be a rock star or an Olympian, but I could still try.

Yes! It's like we're real people again!

Thanks, dude behind us for offering to take our picture after watching us attempt to take our own.

Not the worst seats in the house...I guess.

Dave at the second stage.