The Freckers came over last night for our monthly dinner. Every fall during our month, I make this cake. I’d say I’ve made it about four or five years in a row now. Even if everyone secretly hates it, no one has said and I continue to make it anyway. How you could not love anything made with two sticks of butter, a whole box of confectioner’s sugar, eggs, and vanilla cake mix is beyond me. Oh, and pumpkin. That’s what makes it fall-y.

Julia was on hand to help.

I seemed to recall after I poured the batter in that I used a bigger pan the last time. No matter–I just cooked it way longer and it turned out just fine. Though the serving size is kind of ridiculous since it’s about twice as thick as it should be. But this way you can say you just had ONE serving when really it was more like two.

My gooey cake overfloweth.

Thanks Paula Deen. Anthony Bourdain may think you are worthless but I thoroughly enjoy your artery thickening desserts.

Right now we have about half of it left. That will change soon after I post this. I hear it calling my name.

Get in my belly!

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake Recipe