Our garden did okay this year. We didn’t harvest as many tomatoes as I’d hoped. The season isn’t quite over yet, but there are so many green tomatoes left on the six plants, I’m starting to feel a little sad as I know they won’t all ripen. The cucumbers mysteriously died at the end of July. The cilantro also bit it. We picked a decent amount of peppers. All in all I’d say it wasn’t too bad. I was expecting to jar some sauce or salsa or some tomato product but there just weren’t enough to make it worth the canning effort.

I still wanted to make something out of the ten or so tomatoes sitting on our counter. I found a recipe for creamy tomato soup on foodtv.com. It was fairly easy and I had most everything in the fridge already to make it. I wanted to double the recipe (as always) and I needed eight pounds of tomatoes. I didn’t exactly know how many pounds I had because I don’t have a food scale. I guess I could have used my bathroom scale but that seemed weird. So I bought  a few extra tomatoes at the grocery. I felt sort of guilty about this because it wasn’t completely authentic. It was like switching the baby to formula.

HOWEVER when it was all said and done the soup was delicious. I didn’t have a food mill either so I just took the soup out in batches and blended it up with the cream. The basil is also from the garden. Hurray!

Wish you could smell it.Thanks Ina. Usually you and Jeffrey annoy the crap out of me but today you were helpful.

Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup

Four of these things are not like the others...

Isn't it pretty?

Verdict: Delicious. Though I am getting tired of photographing our same purple bowls. I need to get fancy like the Food Network types.