For weeks I have been saying I’m going to start writing a menu for the week, so that I can just buy what we need for each meal at once and then everyone knows what’s for dinner. Finally this week I got it together. I really only cook Sunday through Wednesday, and we have leftovers on Thursday nights because I teach. Fridays we go out or order something, and Saturdays generally we have some sort of dinner plans.

Having to plan only four meals this week, everyone got a choice. Tonight I chose black beans and rice. I have been wanting to incorporate one vegetarian meal a week and one night with fish on the menu. I wanted to make beans the old fashioned way, which takes a LONG time so I figured Sunday was probably the best night for such a dish.

I pretty much took the first recipe I saw online and went with it. Thanks,

I found the whole process to be kind of fun, from soaking the beans to making the sofrito to seeing the final product. Since I often tend to put the cart before the horse, I went ahead and soaked a whole bag of beans, which turns out is two pounds, and not the one pound the recipe called for. I had to double everything on the fly. Luckily I had pretty much everything we needed.

The final result was decent. I think it needed more flavor–I would probably double the spices for one batch, maybe triple for the two pounds like I had. Try as I might, this dish just isn’t the prettiest in photos, but hey, at least I remembered to take them at all.

Luckily Gabe chose burritos for Tuesday night’s meal–we have plenty left!

Blending up the sofrito.

I think this was hour three of the cooking process.