And the day was here. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was writing about Gabe’s preschool graduation? I think it was. I’ve been headed at a full sprint looking forward to him going to kindergarten for a long time. To give him something to do, to save on daycare expenses, to have him finally grown out of whatever difficult phase he was in at the time.

Then, as we rounded the corner on our last lap toward the first day of school, I wanted the race to slow down. I wanted summer to last forever. I wanted Gabe to never grow up. I wanted to drag out every last playdate. But I couldn’t, and time went by anyway. Just the thought of sending him off to kindergarten brought tears to my eyes. I woke up early this morning and couldn’t sleep worried about him getting to the right room. Would he cry? Would he not want to go, would he be scared and shy in his classroom? Would he remember he had a snack in his backpack? Would 20 minutes be enough for the slowest eater in the world to finish his lunch? Would he remember to bring everything back from his lunch bag? Will we get there in time? Will I remember to pick him up in time? What if they call me today from school and tell me he’s been crying all day and puked on the teacher’s shoes?

And then…

I picked him up…and everything was fine. Except for a couple of dirty looks from teachers because I didn’t know where to stand to wait as a parent (“ON THE BRICKS!” I later learned, was my place) and a scared look from Gabe because he couldn’t find me, everything was fine. We got in the car and he couldn’t stop talking about school and how fun it was and how awesome his teacher is. Whew.

I treated him and Julia to Sonic slushies then the pool (his choice), then pizza and a little Megamind before bed. You only have your first day of kindergarten once right?

I’m so happy that he loves school, but still sad that he’s growing up. I guess that’s that bittersweet thing called parenting.

Off to school!