Julia doesn’t actually turn three until Sunday but we had a little party for her last Sunday at our neighborhood pool. It was really fun this year to plan and have a party for her because she actually knew what was going on and was looking forward to it. And as you all know, there’s nothing we like more than a good birthday party (Jay and I still celebrate ours). All her little friends came, and the adults too. We had a Dora theme and all of the usual healthy birthday party elements–pizza, chips, and cake.

For her birthday she had been requesting various things. I had her make a “list” and for months everything she requested we put on the list. It ranged from a robot puppy that fetches sticks to bunk beds. She also asked for shoes and a princess guitar for her stuffed bear. Very specific things. I’m afraid we couldn’t find it all, but we did our best. We did find her a Fur-Real white dog that you could walk. When she got the present from her grandpa she yelled and was shaking. “My robot puppy!” she screamed.

Though she doesn’t get as many celebrations as Gabe this year because she’s not going to have a party at school (the curse of the summer birthday) we are going to the Reds’ game tomorrow night and then we’ll have dinner and a few more presents and some cupcakes on Sunday. We are happy to make three a special year for her.

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