I’ve got some catching up to do so here we go…you may have caught wind (hee hee) of the fact that our river plans with the Freckers were somewhat chaotic at the last second. See I had the wrong weekend the entire summer. This is completely unlike me. I am not sure where Monique and I had our wires crossed but here’s how it went down.

I texted Monique three Wednesday afternoons ago:

ME: What r u doing this weekend? (I tried not to text in shorthand for a really, really long time, but I gave in.)

MO: Driving.

ME: Where?

MO: Zville.

ME: Again? How many weekends in a row r u going? (They had just been there for the 4th and we were supposed to go with them, I thought, the following weekend.)

Then, my phone rings.

MO: Zanesville is this weekend.

ME: No shit.

Luckily we only had a few plans to reschedule so we could get up there on Friday. We were really looking forward to it so I was so glad we could make it happen. The kids had a blast and the weather was sunny and beautiful. We ate, drank, and boated all weekend long. The kids made s’mores, drove the boat, and caught fireflies. Instead of enchiladas this time we made jerk chicken https://gotyournose.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/beautiful-night-for-some-jerk-chicken/.

We had a fabulous time, and all the Freckers are such fabulous hosts. Thanks again guys!

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