I am  redecorating the living and dining rooms in our house. I forgot (AGAIN) to take true “before” pictures, but I’m sure this will work–it’s from Christmas time but you can vaguely get the  idea. Really I could show you about 20 iterations of “before” for these two rooms. I have a habit of rearranging and rearranging and moving and repainting and moving until I’m satisfied. Jay typically just agrees with me because he knows it’s going to change again soon.

This room was pretty much just filled with toys.

This was the best "before" I could find...

I had thought about changing the paint color on the walls. It is called “notable neutral” and was supposed to be this beigey-grey “neutral” tone. Instead it ended up somewhere between a grey and a light purple, depending on the lighting. I was 90% sure we were going to repaint it a light mocha color but then I got to thinking that we had enough brown on the walls. Plus, I worry that the browns can show up yellow or fake-tanny, and that’s what we’ve worked so hard to get rid of, thanks to the previous owners. No furniture we had was really matching the color at all. But then Jay’s mom gave us a purple couch and it was a total room-changer. Suddenly, I could make some sense of the rooms and the colors without starting from scratch.

We moved the big china cabinet out to the living room. It’s our nicest piece of furniture and it’s hidden in the small dining room. Then we put another piece from Jay’s mom, an old buffet, in the dining room. It really opens the room up, to not have the huge china cabinet looming over the table. As an added bonus, the wood matches. I also dusted off an old coffee table we had been storing in the basement–the first piece of furniture I had ever refinished. We haven’t used it in eight years. It needs a new glass top, but, another project for another time (promises!).

Okay, furniture rearranged and in a permanent state (probably). I also need curtains but those will have to wait as well.

Not a huge change but here's the couch. And I need to hide the toys.


My thoughts today, this very minute, are on some new art for the walls, specifically above the couch and buffet. I have tried my hand at painting a canvas once–I know I’m not an artist but thought I could eek out something that looked halfway decent–but no, not really, that didn’t happen. So I’m going to have to try again. That’s for later. (I’ve promised you so much for later, haven’t I?) But for NOW I thought about printing out some newer pics of the kids (which I haven’t done in, oh…maybe two and a half years), that’s a no-brainer. But then I put my fancy hat on and started to think about maybe framing some fabric or some other textile on the wall above the couch. Then I came across some fabulous hand-made paper online: http://handmade-paper.us/page/CPO/CTGY/blk. I could get a few different patterns/textures and hang above the couch.

Hmmm…I will have to go to a fabric store and compare designs with what I can find online before fully committing to that project.

But back to that hideous canvas…why couldn’t I try to copy something I have seen before? Perhaps one of these designs? https://www.modern-twist.com/_modern-twist.php?product=page&which=cnymcb&cat=coaster_notz? Or some other modern graphic? This would look nice above the buffet, in some shades of grey, purple, and black.

I will get to work on these ideas…and if you have any other ideas for me feel free to comment below!