I was completely on a roll there with this blog thing for a while. The past couple of weeks have been busy. Every time I thought I could find some time to write something else came up, like when the weekend with the Freckers to the river was actually two weekends ago and not this past weekend like I thought. So that took some scrambling on a Wednesday night the 6th to get everything rearranged so we could takeoff Friday afternoon for the weekend. I got some really good pictures that I’ll have to post soon. But before that came up, I was going to update you on my garden.

The six tomato plants are enormous, and there are tons of green tomatoes on the vines…just waiting for them to ripen. I’m sure it’ll happen all at once and I’ll have an assload of tomatoes to figure out how to quickly can/freeze/eat/give away. The four basil plants are doing okay, we’ve made two batches of pesto and some other things. They have turned yellow at the bottom and I’m still not sure if it’s from over watering or because we are harvesting it incorrectly. So there’s some experimenting yet to do there.

The jalapenos are easy-peasy. We have about four and the plant just keeps on churning them out. This is our first time with cilantro–and I have to say, though it tastes okay in food, I’m not a fan of the look or the smell of it. I nearly gag when cutting it down or chopping it up. To me it smells like some kind of floor cleaner. What else–we have some garlic and onions growing but haven’t pulled them out yet so I am not sure what’s going on there underground.

And finally–the cucumbers. They are growing like mad and we have pulled a few. They taste kind of light and are a light green color. This is different than the usual cucumber I grow, which is usually the darker green variety. The tag said they were burpless (does that really mean you don’t burp after you eat them?) so I guess that’s why.

Anywho, though my thoughts are few tonight, hopefully I can make it up to you soon with a blog about the river…and a few free tomatoes.