This past week (okay really since two Saturdays ago) seemed to take an eternity and was full of ups and downs. I really could have written a novel every night but thought I would wait to sum it all up when the long weekend was over. So, you’re welcome.

You all heard about Gabe’s bowling party that ended at urgent care. Last Monday was also his last day of preschool and he graduated that night. I was really sad about his last day and his graduation. I was pretty much in tears all day. Tuesday I took him for kindergarten orientation. We got to take a bus ride. Who tears up when taking a school bus ride? This girl. (It’s ridiculous. I used to be made of stone, but every since I had children, I cry at commercials for Oprah and I don’t even watch Oprah.)

Wednesday we celebrated Gabe’s actual fifth birthday (if you’re keeping track this was celebration #3), and my sister and Jay’s dad came down to help eat cupcakes. I still can’t believe he’s actually five.  Thursday was a very sad morning as we took our really good friends to the airport. What a way to start your day (with more tears). I was really proud of the kids though. Even though they were sad to say goodbye to their friends they held it together pretty well. Maybe it was the doughnut holes Joelle bought for all of us on the way to the airport.

As Thursday wore on, what I thought was a red, allergy eye (like Gabe’s) kept getting worse. So bad, in fact, by the time Jay got home I could hardy see out of it. My nephew and his wife and their son (yes, I’m a great aunt) were arriving Friday night so I thought I’d better have it checked out. Only I had to teach Pilates at 7 pm. So where did I end up at 8:30 on Thursday night? You guessed it, my new favorite place, urgent care!! (I don’t think we’d been to an urgent care since Jay sliced the tip of his finger off on a mandolin the week before we got married.)

To the Mason urgent care’s credit though, I was in and out in 20 minutes. And then I drove around looking for a pharmacy to fill my prescription  for PINK EYE drops at 9:30 at night. Now seriously, what are the odds that I’d get pink eye when neither of my children ever had it, and that that’s what I took Gabe to the doctor for two Saturdays ago?

So Friday I went to Costco with the kids looking like a freak (don’t worry my hands were dry and scaly at this point from all the hand washing and hand sanitizer). Friday night my nephew and his brood arrived. I remained irritated that I had pink eye (though was no longer contagious) and had to wear my glasses through the remaining weekend activities:

* The zoo on Saturday morning (where I pushed around 80 lbs of kid and stroller while Jay stayed home and sealed the deck–which was worth it, btw).

* To my God daughter’s first birthday party/cookout Saturday night.

* To the pool Sunday morning.

* Big cookout/birthday party #4 for Gabe (more like a cake after the cookout and some more presents from people who weren’t at the other events).

* To the pool this morning, then yard work, then to see our friend’s two-week old baby.

And now, here I am on the couch thinking that Gabe’s graduation seems like it was a month ago.

The week was so full of ups and downs. I need a week of sitting on the couch just to process it all. At least the weather behaved this weekend. I don’t often reflect in public or get all mushy or all that crap (yes, I cried all week, but I do my best to hide it). But I can say that even though time passes much too quickly and friends move in and out of your city or your life and family visits and goes back home, or your kids move from one school to the next or grow a year older in the blink of an eye, I am one lucky gal and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Miss you J.

The picture montage of the week:

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