Okay it’s been a while since I did anything crafty and you could probably file this under “no big whoop” but here it is anyway.

I had been wanting to get a couple of cork boards for the kids’ rooms but wanted them to match their rooms. I had all these grand ideas about how I would make a french board with cork behind it so you could stick pictures in the ribbons and use push pins in it. But I have been having to scale back my expectations of myself or I would never get it done.

Instead I bought two $6 cork boards from Target and decided to spray paint the ugly wooden frame pink for Julia’s room and brown for Gabe’s room. Tonight was one of those super-industrious nights after work where I got a ton done in a short amount of time. I started dinner when Jay got home, and he took the kids and the dog for a walk. Then we ate pretty fast because Gabe wanted to play with his new Air Hog toy that he bought at Target today with money from his grandma. So while they were playing with that, I made some cake batter for cupcakes. I threw 12 of those in the oven and taped off the first cork board, took it outside and painted it. Then I came inside, took out the first batch of cupcakes and put in another batch, and went outside and taped and painted the other cork board. I took the other batch out, laced up my running shoes and ran. Around the neighborhood. Like a real runner or something.

After I showered and put the kids to bed, I came downstairs and iced the cupcakes. All before 9:30. Some might say I have too much energy. Some might say I require medication. Either way, it was a really productive evening. However, since no good deed goes unpunished, as I was icing the cupcakes thinking, “Oh, I’m having such a good evening I should blog about this little crafty project I did tonight. Why not?” I knocked over a full glass of water…all over some of the cupcakes and piles of paper, and realizing the water was heading toward the camera, and the video camera, and the cell phones, I frantically tried to move everything out of the way. I got to the big stand mixer and tilted it back to dry water under it and the top snapped back onto the tip of my ring finger and crashed to the floor, denting it in the process.

I’m not sure what it means when your nail hurts.

Regardless the cork boards are done. Be sure to spray in a well-ventilated area, and to apply light coats of spray using and back-and-forth motion. Also, you are supposed to let one coat dry before spraying on the next. Or you could be impatient like me and just keep spraying and get mad when the paint starts to drip.

I’ve spray painted all sorts of things in my house–picture frames, the metal on the fireplace doors, shelves, letters in the kids’ rooms, a bed frame–basically if it can be saved with a fresh coat of paint, I’ll spray it. (There’s a catch phrase in there somewhere.)

The frame as purchased.

Taped and ready to go.

Taped and sprayed.

Ready to hang with some cute push pins!