It all started with Cocoa Krispies–Gabe’s birthday celebration week(s) that is. Because he’s not in school during his actual birthday on the 25th, his preschool teachers asked me to bring in a treat on Monday, the 16th. Due to food allergies, parents are very limited as to what they can bring as birthday treats. Last year, his celebration was assigned to October which really made no sense at all, but whatever. And the popcorn balls I brought in around Halloween didn’t go over very well. Apparently they were so hard no three-year-old could grind their way through them.

So this year I decided on Rice Krispie treats and as I was buying the cereal, I realized I could go really crazy and get Cocoa Krispies! And then I could get even crazier and put those hard icing shapes on the top while the “batter” was still warm. You know I like my themes and this year we are going bowling for his birthday. But, I couldn’t find bowling shapes anywhere so I went with baseball and soccer. Close enough.

Ta da!

And I say that it all starts with the Krispies because this Saturday (which is also, as it happens, the end of the world unfortunately), we are taking Gabe and some of his friends bowling. Then next Wednesday is his actual birthday, but nothing is going to really happen on the actual day because we have to work and school is over. Then the Sunday of Memorial Weekend we are going to do a little family get-together with another cake and all.

He is one lucky little boy. If the end of the world could just hold off for a few more centuries, we should be able to get through it all.

Here’s a sneak peak of Saturday’s favor:

**And on a side note, I tried to make the Krispie pictures bigger and centered but couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. So yes, I am aware that they are smaller than the photo above. If you have any suggestions on how to make this work, I am all ears. Now it is time to catch up with my DVR.