Tonight, I sit while my father-in-law and Jay watch baseball. I’m thinking of going to bed because I never sleep well the night before my spin class. There is no real reason why–I don’t have to get up till 7:30 and the kids are usually awake well before then. I NEVER worry about sleeping in late for work. So why do I worry about sleeping in late for spin class? I think it’s because I absolutely have to be there at 8:15. I have people waiting on me. I can’t be late or hungover (though I have been the latter, whew, that’s rough). So…I could watch the men watch the Reds and play 100 games of Facebook Scrabble, or I could go to bed.

But I’ve been thinking about my renewed commitment to my blog today and thought I should post a little somethin’ somethin’ before retiring to a crappy night’s sleep.

I have a lot I’m going to post about…so many things I want to do to the house, so many little projects to finish. I put a lot off this winter. It was a crappy time and I didn’t feel like doing much. But now with our summer schedule jam-packed, I know I will find myself with very little free time, which, as you know, is the perfect time for me to try to cram a few 1,000 more things into every spare minute. Idle hands, you know.

The living room and dining room are getting repainted, I have some furniture that needs to be moved around, some curtains to purchase. Julia’s room needs a few more accents, the basement bathroom needs some help, and I have a whole yard that’s gone to crap. We also have quite a few dinners coming up and a few trips sprinkled in here and there. All pretty mundane stuff, but I think I’ll handle it all with flair and finesse and quite a few f-bombs, so perhaps it will be worth your while to tune in, if only to laugh at what I’ve gotten myself into.

I’m going to try to keep it interesting…so you keep reading…and I have to keep writing…

Off to bed I go. Good night all.