It’s been sooooo long, too long since my last post. The Freckers came over on the 28th of August, and I have been writing this blog in my head for the past four five seven weeks. I considered skipping it altogether, but I did remember to take pictures of the food (thanks, Mo!) so I had to get them up.

I decided to make some Lebanese food. The smell of cooking grape leaves is just about the most divine thing. I could bathe in the water and lemon juice that they cook in. If it weren’t for the scalding hot water, I might have poured some on my neck and wrists. I would make a perfume out of it and call it “Camel.”

But I digress. I made the stuffing and Jay took up the task of stuffing the grape leaves (which I made with turkey, be sure to tell my parents so they can go on and on about how I don’t eat beef for the 10,000 time). I also made two varieties of hummus. I roasted five heads of garlic (remind me to tell you sometime about how I got a “head” and a “clove” confused in my early cooking years—a mistake you won’t make twice), and put that together with two cans of chic peas, tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil. Once that was ready, I removed half of the hummus and to the remaining half I added cilantro and a jalapeno. It was tasty but not as spicy as it should have been (I chickened out and removed the seeds from the jalapeno).

I also made lebane, (strained, plain yogurt) topped with olive oil and dirt (some kind of Arabic spice mixture we have always referred to as “dirt”). Jay marinaded some chicken kebobs in allspice, cinnamon, and lemon juice and grilled those to perfection.

We served the kebobs with pita bread, the hummus, lebane, stuffed grape leaves, and, oh, I also made Mo’s fatoosh recipe with cukes and tomatoes from our garden. It’s not totally authentic Lebanese, but it totally rocks.

Recipes taken from Sahtein (I’ll have to post later, or this would take me another seven weeks to post this.):

Grape leaves


In other news, I have been working very hard on Julia’s big-girl room. We painted it pink and I have this grandiose idea that I’m going to cut out and sew on butterflies to her white curtains and (eventual) white quilt to go on her twin bed (whenever we get that painted and put up). I *think* I can do it and it will look awesome. I have the material and butterfly pattern and everything ready to go, I just need to cut, iron, and sew. I don’t really know why I can’t just go out and buy her butterfly décor but I just like to make things hard on myself. And I know the end result will be worth it. I chose a palette of pale pink, fuschia, and lime green. Here are some before-and-after pics and details of things I’ve already made/worked on:

Where her bed will be eventually

The butterflies before I sewed them on

Dresser toppers I made