A couple of weekends ago, we were planning on entertaining some new neighbors who just moved here from Massachusetts via Costa Rica. However, they had some sick kids and were unable to make it.

That morning the Bodleys ever so kindly offered to watch Gabe and Julia while I taught my Spin class and Jay played in a charity basketball tournament. When I picked up the kids, Chris asked when we were going to get together next. A couple of hours later, when the new neighbors canceled, I called Amy and said, “Hey, Chris’ wish has come true, we need someone to come over and help us eat this meal for four. Interested in sloppy seconds?”

Thank God they were good sports and up for anything! We had a great time and the meal was yummy! We re-made an old favorite: Spicy Grilled Salmon with Mango, Radish, and Lime Salsa.


It’s always a hit, and Jay’s mastered the rub and grilling it just perfectly.  I have to say we’ve bastardized the recipe over the years–Jay kind of throws the spices together in the rub so you’ll have to ask him his secret. And for the salsa–we use a combination of this recipe and another mango salsa recipe. Basically I use the mangoes, cilantro, red onion, lime and cumin. It’s best to make it the night before and let everything meld together overnight.

For a side, I was looking for some different kind of Tex-Mex rice dish when I stumbled across stuffed poblanos. And boy was I glad I did. They were delicious and the stuffing would have been just fine even by itself.


I substituted sunflower seeds for pepitas and they seemed to work out fine. And for salad, I went with an old standby of mine. It doesn’t have a name so let me think of one now…Spinach, Blue Cheese, Strawberry, and Almonds with Strawberry Vinaigrette. But that seems too long. I always make it when the weather is warmer…how about Summer Spinach Salad Deliciousness.

The ingredients are above. That’s it! It tastes the best when I use the honey almonds and the Brianna’s Homestyle Strawberry Vinaigrette. Mmmmmmm!

Amy was awesome enough to make some Ghirardelli brownies for dessert and we plowed through four bottles of various white wines. The kids had a blast playing, eating, and watching The Incredibles.

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