This past weekend, Jay’s dad and his girlfriend were in town. It also happened to be his dad’s birthday. In honor of the occasion, I finally decided to try a lemon layer cake I had printed out about a year ago but never got around to making. I needed a large crowd for this cake (so I wasn’t forced to eat all the leftovers–and I would have) so I invited my parents over as well.

The cake was made in three parts, and I started first thing in the morning making two round cakes. I needed two, nine-inch round pans but had two seven- or eight-inch pans (I never measured).  I was ready to pour so these had to do. They took longer to bake but ended up looking and tasting fine (if perhaps a leeetle bit dry). And they came out of the pan without breaking or crumbling. Whew!

I let those cool and later that afternoon went to work on the filling. I followed the directions to the letter and the filling would just not curd! I stirred, and stirred, and stirred. I figured I still had to chill it for an hour so maybe that would be the trick.

An hour later, I made the frosting. Every bit of the cake contained lemon and butter (four sticks, no less). I had to whip some cream to fold into the filling, so I did that. When I pulled out the curd, it was still very thin. My parents were arriving any minute so I just went with it.

I poured the thin curdy filling on top of the first cake. The directions said to leave a one-inch border. Ha! That stuff just poured right over the sides. I put the other cake on top and proceeded to ice the whole she-bang while the middle layer kept oozing out the sides. I ended up scraping the filling and saving it for a topping later! Nothing I could do about it at that point.

I put it back in the fridge to chill till later.

For dinner we made the same gumbo as last month with a salad and bread. It was still delicious and this time we had the file powder (which is actually made of ground sassafras leaves) which did act as a thickener at the end. Who knew?

Then cake time–it tasted great and the frosting was to die for. The filling was even delicious spooned over the top. But…I was still disappointed it wasn’t perfect. I will have to try this one again. I sent the recipe to a coworker who then read the reviews and comments (I had worked from a print-out and didn’t think to do that). A lot of people had trouble with the middle as well and offered some good ideas as to how to fix it for next time.See the middle layer leaking out at the bottom there? Not really visually stunning, but very tasty!

And here is a pic of the kids, in a rare moment where they are working together to put the candles on the cake.

Lemon Layer Cake:

And just to wrap this up, I promised a picture of the painted bedroom. I still have to put something on the walls and get some curtains, but at least the bed is sorta there. The shams that came with the comforter are sort of, well, a sham (I mean, look at them!) but oh well. That’s that!