I used up all my creativity for the week with last Thursday’s post so this one may not be as stellar. I apologize in advance.

Let’s begin by recapping the weekend. Last Friday night we watched The Reader. It was good, though I have to admit I thought Kate Winslet’s boobs would be different somehow…don’t ask me how exactly.
Saturday Julia and I ran some errands while Jay took Gabe to soccer. Jay’s mom called me to say she couldn’t fit Jay’s birthday present (that I had shipped to her house) AND his Grandma in the back of her car (they were coming down for dinner). I suggested they take her husband’s truck but they weren’t too keen on putting Grandma in the bed.
So, I ran to her house to pick up said package, came home, and hid said package along with accompanying package I had hidden earlier.
Then Jay ran off to the gym and the grocery and I let the kids decorate Jay’s cakes (brownies and yellow cake so they didn’t have to share). This is the first year Julia partook in the festivities and the third year for Gabe. He used 20 tons of sprinkles. Julia mostly just covered herself in chocolate and ate some of the cake.

Note to self: do not clean up BEFORE you let the kids have sprinkles. What is the sound of a bottle of sprinkles falling to the floor? Seriously…I am not sure how to type it out. Maybe “shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh.”

Two vacuumings and one bath later (for Julia, not me), we have cake(s)! Then Jay’s mom (Kitty), her husband, and his Grandma came down for dinner. She made homemade noodles, chicken, and mashed potatoes (Jay’s fav.). I had a parasitic toddler strapped to my hip so I didn’t really do much of the cooking.
THEN we got out said packages for Jay to open. What was in Jay’s package you ask? Well it was a bass guitar and an amp!
(I know, I’m the coolest wife, like, ever.) That was Part I.
Part II happened in the morning when we went to the Newport Aquarium. I didn’t take any pictures because we have all the aquarium pics we need. Imagine lots of blurry pictures of the kids standing in front of fish tanks.
And Part III occurred later that night when some of my family (or the circus, as Jay calls them) came over for pizza and more crunchy cake. (This is the best our family picture gets.)
All-in-all i think Jay had a good weekend. Stay tuned for Part IV, this weekend.
Stuffed Peppers
And now, I’d like to share a new concoction with you. This morning Kings school district declared a two-hour delay because there were two flippin flakes of snow on the ground. Therefore, Gabe’s preschool was also delayed. There is really no point in me trying to run the kids around to the sitter’s then back to work, then take Gabe to school, etc. So I just went in to work late. With some morning time to kill, I thought I might as well get dinner going.
We had a bunch of yellow, red, and orange peppers leftover from the weekend I needed to use up. So I browned some ground turkey and an onion with salt and pepper. I also made some rotini for the kids separately. I drained the meat, pulled out some of it for Gabe (no way in hell he’d touch a stuffed pepper), and put it aside. To the rest, I added a can of tomato sauce, some salsa (maybe a cup), about a teaspoon of garlic powder and a teaspoon of paprika. I was going to add rice but already had the rotini so I threw that in.
Later when I got home from work, I mixed in about a cup of some Mexican cheese blend and stuffed four peppers, then covered with more cheese. I put the peppers in a baking dish with some chicken broth on the bottom and baked them at 350 for half an hour. They probably could have used another 15 minutes but there was something burning in the bottom of the oven and I couldn’t stand the burnt smell anymore.
I forgot to take pictures (because I just can’t seem to get in the habit of taking pictures of my food) but here is a photo of a leftover (they were delish, and Julia scarfed it down!).

Well it’s my bedtime! Stay tuned for Part IV of Jay’s birthday extravaganza!