Evening, Sports Fans.

It’s Saturday afternoon again! I have been feeling kinda crummy today. I woke up feeling fine but started feeling kinda poopy after G’s soccer lesson this morning. Usually I attribute it to J’s driving, but I’m pretty sure it was my vitamin. Seriously. Take those Sam’s Club multi’s at the wrong time and ugh. Or maybe I accidentally took two. In the morning rush, anything is possible.

So I just got out of the shower (yes, I know it’s almost 3) and have my five seconds + or – to sit down with you again.

Tonight the F’s are coming over (and yes, I find the initials annoying too, will need to come up with a better solution). For years I have been wanting to make seafood gumbo or chowder but J keeps poo-pooing the idea. But you know what, who does the cooking? Unless it’s a grillable item, it’s ME!

And not because J wouldn’t do the cooking, he would. But generally I don’t let him. He’s a great cook but at the end of a meal who gets the credit? The cook. And I want it to be me!

Plus, how would this blog be if it were all about my husband’s cooking? Bor-ring!

So I have two recipes to share with you today. The first is tonight’s dinner, which isn’t actually chowder, (which is much easier to make fun of in the title) but seafood gumbo. This is Emeril’s recipe with a few modifications.

First, the link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/seafood-gumbo-recipe/index.html

Second, the modifications. I won’t be using the seafood stock or the file powder because we’ve gone to four different grocery stores and can’t find either! So…I’ll be using chicken stock and no file powder. I’m not really sure what file powder is anyway (what’s this “file” that you can put into powder form?) and you put it on at the end, to thicken the gumbo up. So we’ll just deal without.

Also since lump crab meat is $1,000 a pound, I’m using half a pound of claw meat and half a pound of the fake stuff (shhh…don’t tell). Also instead of oysters (which J doesn’t like) I’m using chicken andouille sausage (Mrs. F and I don’t eat the real stuff). I am using the shrimp but also a “seafood” mix I found at Trader Joe’s–shrimp, bay scallops, and calamari.

I’m going to serve it over basamati rice because it’s more deliciouser than the white stuff. I think we’ll also have a spinach salad because I need to use the spinach before it goes bad. 😉

For appetizers I cheat and buy pre-made…some sort of fun goat cheese spread and a crapload of other cheeses that I wasn’t planning on but that will work just fine.

(The side story on that is I complained to the high-pitched-voiced, mousey chic at Trader Joe’s that three times now I’ve had their cheeses mold on me in the fridge before the sell-by date even. She said that I’m supposed to take the cheese out of the original packaging, wrap it in wax paper, then in a different bag [because we all know that right?]. Then she insisted I take three other kinds of cheese to try for free. In an effort to get her to stop talking to me, I took them.)

For dessert–chocolate souffles.

Ta Da!

The second recipe (chili I concocted on Thursday) will have to wait till tomorrow.

Here’s to blog entry #3, good food, good friends, and kids who go to bed early so the adults can have some fun.

I’ll try to remember to take pics this time.