Sorry it has taken me so long to follow up on my falafel night. I meant to…then didn’t. I also meant to take pictures of the food…then forgot.

The falafel itself was good. The bulgar salad wasn’t so great. I don’t recommend it.

The kids got along well and even sort of went to bed on time. In the morning my son G wanted to know where the Bs all went–he was looking forward to having waffles with everyone. 😦

This weekend the Fs are coming over and I’m going to make either seafood gumbo or clam chowder. I think I’m leaning toward gumbo. I have to find a recipe that doesn’t require 10 hours of cooking.

I’m going to do my best to take pictures. Eventually I’d like to post the recipes and photos of the food, and who knows what else.

Hang in there!