Okay I have roughly between five seconds to one hour before my kids wake up from their naps. So I finally decided to sit down and start this blog. Also my husband accidentally put my jeans in the dryer so I needed to stretch them out.

I consider myself a Jack of many trades, but truely master of none. I don’t have time these days with two kids and a job to really master anything, but once upon a time I used to actually write and enjoy doing it. This is one attempt at getting back at it. Dusting off the old quill and ink if you will.

So…you’re wondering about the title of the blog. Well, last night I had a vodka martini (dry, extra olives if you must know). And vodka makes me whistful. Vodka lifts me up by the proverbial beltstraps (I know that’s not right but I can’t think of the saying and I’m pressed for time here people) and smacks me around a bit.

Last night the vodka said, E, get off your hiney and start this blog you have been thinking about for ages. Just do it. Who cares if you’re not that funny on “paper.” Give it your best shot. And if you get any nasty comments, well, we’ll just find those people and do some not-so-nice things to their possessions.

So, I thought well let’s integrate one of my trades–writing–with another–cooking–and see what happens. Also, it’s really hard to find a blog title that hasn’t already been taken. I ran the title by a friend whose opinion I actually listen to and she said it was good. So you can feel free to blame her.

Since having kids, a lot of our weekends (“our” consisting of me, E, and my husband, J) are spent trying to get together with friends. Typically we end up making dinner for someone or going to another couple’s house for dinner. We feed the kids, put them to bed, then make something much fancier for the adults. Hence “Dinner after Bedtime.” In fact, we host dinners so often I’m starting to feel like a B & B only with one B.

I should give a shout-out here to our standing date every-other-month dinner friends, let’s call them the Fs. I’ll write more on them another time.

I hope to talk about a variety of things on this blog. I hope to actually commit to discussing said variety of things relatively often. I have a rather large procrastination problem when it comes to anything resembling “work” so bear with me.

But TONIGHT, tonight my friends, the Bs are coming over and we haven’t had them over for dinner in a long time. And I’m going to try my hand at homemade falafel and some kind of bulgar wheat salad with veggies. Bulgar wheat. Bulgar. Bul-GAR. Say it with me. Ha.

No noise from upstairs…so I must get choppin. And I think my jeans are sufficiently stretched.

Peace out from a blog virgin.

P.S. Bootstraps!!